2014 - TransCity’s year in review

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Among the many projects Netherlands based ethnic and multicultural marketing agency TransCity had done in 2014, are an online campaign on organ transplantation, targeting recent migrant communities from Poland, Bulgaria, Turkey, China, Germany, United Kingdom and United States.

Other 2014 clients include: City of Rotterdam, Türk Telekom Mobile (Belgium), Western Union Money Transfer, Telesur, De Surinaamche Bank, Vodafone, Lotto (National Lottery), Netherlands Public Broadcasting Cooperation (NPO), and more.

Research projects include the fourth national media reach survey among consumers with a Turkish, Moroccan, Surinamese, Antillean and Polish background. Looking at the reach of television, radio, online and print media, it can be concluded that there is a further shift towards ethnic and international media, while print media hardly have any relevance anymore for these target audiences. Ethnic media (mainly television, radio, online) are better appreciated than mainstream Dutch media. From the time spent on media, some 85% is spent on television and online media.

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