Europe is a multi-ethnic, multicultural and multireligious continent.

At the 2006 FIFA World Cup Final, African football players represent both African and European nations, while Muslim footballers will also defend the flags of France and the Netherlands. The countries of birth of parliamentarians in Europe range from Turkey and Pakistan to Ghana and Morocco. Sex symbols for men living in Europe vary; Christina Aguilera and Haifa Wehbe, Anna Kournikova and Malika Sherawat.


Iranian singer Arash, who migrated to Sweden at the age of 10, has reached the number one position in the Swedish pop charts with the Persian language song Boro Boro (see music video at the bottom of this page). With a fortune of £ 14.8 billion, Indian born steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal is the wealthiest-ever person to live in the United Kingdom. A good second is Chelsea’s Roman Abramovich, with a £ 10.8 billion fortune. Miss Belgium 2005, Tatiana Tavares, has Cape Verdean roots.

Suzanna @ DunyaIn Europe’s largest city, London, an estimated 300 different languages are spoken. Over 170 countries of birth are registered at the resident administration departments of cities like Amsterdam and Rotterdam; in these cities, over half of those aged under 20 have their ethnic cultural roots outside of the Netherlands.

In the United Kingdom, Dutch is a language widely spoken among Somali’s who migrated from the Netherlands. In Italy, Eritrean youngsters speak Italian; in Germany, Eritrean youngsters speak German.

Within the borders of Spain we can find communities from Latin American countries and Africa. Portugal has adopted citizens from Cape Verde, Angola, Mozambique and of course Brazil. Moroccan, Turkish and Congolese migrants are important in Belgium. Millions of North Africans are living in France, while millions with Eastern European, Turkish and Greek roots are living in Germany.

Asian and Afro-Caribbean communities are a growing force in the United Kingdom. For many Eastern Europeans, Austria has always been one of the first migration destinations. The Irish capital Dublin is popular for workers from the Baltic states. Somali, Eritrean and Ethiopian communities are especially large in Italy, while the Netherlands is integrating extensive communities from Turkey, Morocco, Suriname, the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba. Chinese communities can of course be found all over Europe.

Europe has become part of a global environment. An environment where all religions of the world are worshipped. From various forms of Christianity to different directions within Islam; from Hinduism to Judaism; and from Buddhism to a wide range of non-religious communities. An estimated 14 million Muslims are living in the European Union. France alone has some 5 to 6 million Muslims within its boundaries.


Europe will never be the same again. The continent has become part of a global environment. Your question on the latest interest rates is not answered by a client service desk at your bank’s London head office, but by an Indian working at a call and contact center in Bangalore.

Internet has become essential for European citizens to interact with friends and family all over the world. They connect through Skype and MSN. An email with a link to the latest website offering the hottest free downloads of ringtones, is sent by your friend living in the Iranian capital Tehran… and it’s not your class mate in Bradford who puts your attention to the latest track from Snoop Dogg, it’s your cousin from Karachi.

Welcome to the new Europe!

Now is the time to face up to Europe’s changing demographics. If you’re working for an advertiser or advertising agency, please be prepared for one of the most exciting challenges of your profession…

Now watch Iranian-born singer Arash with the Persian language song Boro Boro, a chart hit in a number of European countries, including a number one spot in the Swedish mainstream charts: