The media landscape is as diverse as ever. In culturally diverse societies, competition between media will develop to be on a global level, rather than on a local level.

Can global tv networks such as Indian Zee TV, Turkish TRT or Brazilian SIC play a role in reaching your target audiences in culturally diverse Europe? Or are local networks better equipped to to the job?

Is brand awareness advertsing on mainstream television the best way to get your message across? Or are online games an effective tool to win the hearts and minds of your (potential) relations?

As a result of increasing competition on a global level, doordrops, outdoor, event communications, direct mail, direct email, and non-traditional styles of communications will become more important to ensure a maximum reach and maximum impact in your target group. For youngsters, new cross-cultural urban media are gaining a growing importance.

TransCity will assist you in finding creative and effective media solutions for mainstream, cross cultural and ethnic media.


Summer Carnival in Rotterdam - picture by Ron Nieuwenhuzen


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