Employment is a high interest product. Finding, keeping or losing a job has an incredible impact on our lives. The character of our job is an indication of our social status. Losing a job will often affect our self esteem.

In job markets with a labour shortage, job seekers have the power to select the most attractive positions available. In such markets, presenting your organisation as attractive for all cultures and religions is essential. But in job markets with a labour overcapacity, it is equally important to make your organisation more diverse. In culturally diverse Europe, it is advisable to let ‘the face’ of your organisation be as diverse as the society as a whole. Customers wish to see themselves in those who represent your business.

But that’s not all. Research has shown the positive impact of cultural diversity on all levels of your organisation. Culturally diverse teams will look at the challenges of your business from broader perspectives than monocultural teams. Insight views from within different communities, cultures, religions, sexes and age groups will help you come up with more creative approaches when developing new products and services. A better representation of the culturally diverse markets within your own organisation can accelerate your business.

TransCity will assist you in presenting your organisation as an attactive employer within our culturally diverse societies. Together with our network partners on managing cultural diversity on your work floor, we can also help you develop an internal culture with an ‘inclusive’ character.